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The Cycle 

You talk; your spouse reacts.  Then your spouse talks, and you react.  Here we go again.  And it happens over and over - it's your cycle.  It's painful; we know. And even though you both have a strong desire to do something different in your communication pattern; you feel stuck in this vicious cycle.


How can you break the cycle?

We have a FREE tool that can help!

The key to breaking the cycle is to see one another differently. We can help you learn about your and your spouse's wiring - how each of you are made, how you process & decision-make, what each of you desire from others...As you change your picture of yourself & your spouse, you can actually have hope to do something different in your communication pattern - and break the cycle! 


Imagine communication that is a win-win, where both of you walk away feeling heard, understood, validated! 


Download this summary chart & begin to reshape your picture of yourself & your spouse.

Learn How To Break The Cycle!

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