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Our S.M.A.R.T. Approach

Thank you for taking a few minutes to watch our video and take the Team Stage Survey. Here is a link to go back and watch the video at any time.

Now that you understand our process, the next step is for each of the team members to complete a Team Member Assessment.  This assessment will help identify each person’s wiring -  their gifts, interests, and personality & behavior traits. In essence, this step is taking inventory of the team’s resources.  This is step 3 in our process: the “A – Assess Skills” step.

Taking inventory of your team will really help everyone have a better understanding of the team’s strengths and challenges - like decoding the DNA of the team.  We use The Call™ assessment tool to identify each team member’s unique wiring. This $99 tool consists of completing a 90-minute online questionnaire. When team members complete the assessment, a detailed report of their results gets emailed directly to them. Imagine how powerful it would be if every team member knew this information about themselves, and in turn, about the others on the team!  

Get started…take the assessment and get your other team members to take it too!
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